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2021-22 BONSPIELS at the
Geraldton Curling Club

THANK YOU to everyone who supported our OPEN Bonspiel this past weekend - with the ice, bar, food prep, cleanup, ticket sales etc.  It was the best weekend the Club has had in more than 3 yeers since before the complex fire and Covid.  Thanks to all of the teams who donated their prize money back to the club!  

2022 Geraldton Curling Club Open Bonspiel


1.  Northern Loggers – Al Hackner, Andrew Hackner, David Kennedy, Charles Kennedy

2.  Karen Saarimaki, Rachelle Marszowski, Averyanna Larsen, Nate Liscomb

3.  Breanna Brattengeier, Mark Dawd, Bev Sivic, Loretta Mangoff

4.  Krazy Kanucks – Gerard Dufour, Gates Goulet, Claude Fournier, Harry Ten Hoeve



1.  Jeff Lipskie, Brian Aaltonen, Ernie Michon, Rob Kurish

2.  Dwayne Sutherland, Ian McPherson, Tim Milne, J.J. Giguere

3.  Mike Davis, Julie Davis, Sondra Davis, Beth Anderson, Marcel Pelletier

4.  Colin Santerre, David Kelner, Dylan Gosselin Archer, S. Storms



1.  Cory Nephin, Scott Desmoulin, Phil Wilson, Brian Frost

2.  Claude Beaulieu, Star-Michelle Lepage, Jean Louis Lepage, Lori Beaulieu

3.  Joe Caccoilo, Christiane Cruz, Emma Summers, Susan Black

4.  Bob Coutts, Gloria Hendrick-Laliberte, Sheila Green, Wendy Coutts


1.  Edgar Carreira, Clarke Brown, Doug Haldane, Bruce Lamb

2.  Jacob Kurish, Ben Kurish, Curtis Giguere, Lawson Yatkowsky

3.  Darlene Leupen, Sylvie Duranceau, Dorothy Sutherland, Julie Valley

4.  Allison Jarvis, Trisha Loone, Stephanie Bodnarchuk, Sara Carlson

The Geraldton Curling Club hosts many bonspiels for all skill levels throughout the season.

Visit the individual bonspiel pages for more information on specific bonspiels.
Alternatively, you can contact the club at
Monday through Friday after 7:00 pm

For information on accommodations, please visit the Municipality of Greenstone's Business Directory.
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